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Georgia Wildflower Honey

Some honey for your honey! Locally harvested in Georgia, our Georgia Wildflower Honey has the perfect combination of floral flavors and sweetness. A little bolder to the taste; it's a true Classic Honey! Honey & Allergies: If you are looking for a Local Georgia Honey to help with seasonal allergies, then this is the one! The trick is to find a local Wildflower Honey. Wildflower, means that the bees are visiting many different flowers, and therefore the honey will have a variety of trace pollens in it to help build up an immunity to your allergies. We recommend a tablespoon of our Wildflower Georgia Honey in the morning, and one in the evening, to help with allergies and also to sweeten your day! Bear Hug Tidbit: Wildflower Honey simply means the hardworking honeybees are gathering all the nectar they can from whichever 'Wildflowers' are currently blooming. Therefore, Wildflower Honey gives you a unique taste of the region as well as the season in which the honey was collected! 100% Pure Raw Honey